Knowledge Is Power

With public and private community walls, you can educate your retailers and consumers about the benefits of your products. No more looking around for answers; retailers and consumers can go right to the best source for information: you, the brand.

Who Says Sharing Lab Results Can't Be Easy?

Reports are a big part of your business and we want to make that process easier. Notify your customers of new product reports and lab results with push notifications. Reports are easily accessible through your application and can be downloaded with ease. Keeping your business compliant has never been easier.

All For One, One For All

Combine all your services in one place using our OTT (Over The Top) Feed. Our custom syndication allows the synchronization of all web-based platforms including your social media, weedmaps, website and other platforms, all inside your app.

The Nitty Gritty

All our products are free from contracts, fully managed and turnkey.
Work with a real human – included
Webinar training – of course it’s free
Unlimited support – you betcha

Finally, A Wholesale Marketplace Worth Using

  • Increase your exposure to new and existing retailers.
  • BudLink™ handles your order fulfillment.
  • Stock your desired inventory in multiple fulfillment center locations to open more retail markets for your product.
  • BudLink™ handles Metric transfers between fulfillment centers.
  • Order management and sales tracking exports.
  • Retailers receive real-time inventory availability.
  • Batch tracking, with COA distribution.
  • Metric Complaint transferring and transport to retailers included.

Become A Certified Brand On BudLink™

BudLink™ is only accepting 300 Certified Brands throughout Oklahoma. To become a Certified Brand, you must first select your membership level and begin the vetting process. We are accepting a mixture of small, medium, and large brands in Oklahoma.

Claim Your Membership Today Before They Run Out!

(If you fail the certification process, your membership will be fully refunded)